Monday, 4 July 2011

Plus quam perfect


More than perfect in English, for those who are not familiar to Latin.

If the definition of being perfect at HP is what Léo Apotheker meant when he described TouchPads as a perfect product at launch, we would love the job of HR manager there.

Every time an employee complained about his salary or any sort of compensation, we would tell him to shut up and consider that whatever his salary were, it would be “perfect”: Lots of potential (when?!?!?!?!), a few “minor” bugs here and there, apparently nice, ensuring that the employee will have to actually multitask to get its full value, but practically short from a usability perspective, and certainly comparable to what other companies had… at least one year before!

And, as Walter Mossberg said in the previous hyperlink above, if it doesn’t work, the company will re-boot the employee as needed.



This post is dedicated to Molly Weasley, with all our best wishes for her upcoming sabbatical

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