Sunday, 3 October 2010

The show’s indeed begun

Tough times in the most promising brawl of the last years. Hard times in both sides, though certainly in one of the camps these times show a bit hurder…

The guy should be careful about his blood pressure; otherwise, he won’t need a Sectumsempra jinx to have his veins burst.

Well, to his defence it might be conceded that his opponent has not really proven yet having what it takes to wage this collusion. More a Chamberlain than a Churchill, more a Munich than a Danzig, the withdrawal of the suit filed against the hard defection was an unconditional surrender, to quote Sir Winston.

So… who would have needed to visit an oracle to have guessed that sooner than later this would come up?

Quite heavy, though, the artillery fire that has been launched… a good promise of more to come. Still, an unnecessary boasting that, unless proven with numbers and facts in the mid and long turn, just means admitting weakness.

Now, having said this, the most important subtle and hidden message here is in the other camp’s silence.

If these guys read Financial Times (, as I write this they must be enjoying the momentum, from discreet but unmistakable smiles to open laughter…

But while they congratulate themselves, they should still be very careful judging the cost of the laughter… a $30M worth laughter could be very expensive if the potions from the pharmacist don’t work.

The luckiest of men these days, the great winner so far, is on the spot, and should not forget he probably still loves Paris in the Springtime…

By the way, when you have issues (especially when being 66) with your blood pressure, you should not disregard getting some prescription from the pharmacist, should you? it should not be an issue for a Top 6 Fortune 500 guy…


Fairy tales (might) have happy endings

Once upon a time (how could a proper fairy tale start differently?…) there was a genuine fairy tale prince. He lived in a castle like that one so often portrayed in Disney’s movies and shows, so much inspired in the real one at Neuschwanstein.

He was the coolest prince ever, halfway between Prince Josef in the classical Sissy movies and Prince Charming in Shrek’s. He was even regularly portrayed in magazines and TV shows here and there.

So often he attended parties, cocktails or social meetings (high profile customer events, if you’d prefer Marketing terminology) he was quite used to having a drink or two. But he went above a certain limit, he had the habit of wandering through the palace garden to break up jinxes and spells cast on fairy tale princesses. One must say that a few times before, His Highness had already problems about that…

So His Highness was in one of these cases in a moment in which he reached for the garden pond… and just when a lost moonlight beam reflected over a water flower, he suddenly discovered her.

Needless to mention, so many times he’d gone through this, he immediately recognized her.

She was a genuine common frog ignoring such a savior, and just looking for bugs to calm down her hunger. A bit excited by a toad croaking around, she got distracted in a moment when the huge monster made her a prisoner of his.

Under the gentle starry night, he tenderly caressed her and… kissed her as gently as he could; but the frog was no fake, and the prince became… a toad!.


As he found his nose right above the waterline, he discovered that for once these things happen, it worked precisely the contrary it should have, and ever since he keeps springing and croaking all around.

It appears quite difficult to keep his old ways and customs, as servants won’t allow him back into his palace, despite he does not really adapt well to a frog-ish life…

Thus nowadays, in the lovely garden of his dad’s, there is one prince less, and one todd more…