Thursday, 7 October 2010

They need toilets too…


What’s wrong with the 666-guy? the 66-year-old and 6th fortune in the world seems to have gone a bit nuts.

We mean… what has the whole world done to this guy, that needs to declare war to anything that moves?

He started the war when hiring his tennis-buddy… and he is basically trying to justify it by blaming the rest of the world so far, and probably part of the Universe tomorrow.


Or maybe an unstable balance between testosterone and dopamine…

We are not in a position to discuss biology not psychiatry… but maybe suggest a more direct and simple approach (could be Occam approves this).

A bit of megalomania here and there?

History has quite a number of examples of people that, having reached the point of an astounding success and power, they fall under the spell of confusion, and start to get unable to differentiate themselves from living gods, with the responsibility of differentiating good from evil: Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler…

It’s amazing how selective their minds can be to forget that, regardless how much they like it, they are (and will continue being) mere human beings. Probably their super-high standards of living, they environment where their daily lives develop expose them too much to temptations… But we believe that every time they have to pay the toll of visiting a toilet (an unavoidable task that probably happens several times a day, and in the case of a 66 year old veteran many more times likely), they could consider that precisely those very moments, they are not at all different from six billion other human beings who probably do not need to boast around about how great they are.