Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bon appétit, monsieur

Moving forward in his war against the world, Big-Mouth Larry has recently reinforced his eyeing on a chip-maker. No later than in the recent shareholder’s annual meeting, we heard, a few days ago.
So it Big-Mouth Larry is just considering the menu, we’d say, as the choices are there.
ARM, Broadcom, Nvidia… or AMD, why not?
There’s a lot of buzz around, and there are a lot of apparent good business reasons for betting for AMD, not the lightest the fact that Oracle is about enterprise business, and enterprise business is about servers, a segment where AMD is way ahead the rest of the candidates.
With a $4 billion market cap, AMD can be easily taken over. Their CEO Dirk Meyer has declared AMD’s not on sale, but they’d be happy to listen to any proposal in the interest of their shareholders
We’d agree. But not for the same reasons. We believe it will be AMD as much as we think that all the good business reasons have come after Big-Mouth-Larry has made his mind up.
We think that AMD is the chosen one, as this would certainly hit Big-Mouth’s nemesis, HP, harder than any other choice. In the server space, in the PC’s, in the Notebook’s, eventually in tablet’s, and as well in the workstation’s.
It might not do any good to his health, as the frankfurt in the picture certainly does not to a man of his age, but it appears too big a temptation to resist to the voracious Big-Mouth Larry, as the frankfurt in the picture certainly is.
Bon-appétit, monsieur… but keep your cardiologist’s number at hand, just in case.