Monday, 4 October 2010

Potion maker or potion drunkard?


Quite much like being Barty Crouch and playing Mad-Eye Moody…


potion maker, or potion drinker?

Toad and toadies


Guys with any resemblance, as light as it could eventually be though, should watch out for whatever Toad and toadies might be up to…

Toad and toadies…

Step ahead, please!


The ball is on the pharmacist’s roof… The Pythia has spoken, and has formally unburied the hatchet in a not-so-subtle style so far.

The audience is anxiously awaiting the next move, and we believe it won’t leave the scenery unshaken.

We think the potion maker is already at the cauldron, gathering all the ingredients for the recipe that credits his position.

It will be a sound and powerful move. Unimaginable some time ago, but probably not for the Pythia, as her rage is not for free.

Stupid and pathetic a move, she’ll probably claim, as subtlety and patience are not her topmost strengths at this moment.

Whatever the Priestess at Delphi claims, the potion-maker is certainly seeking a position that can push him to being strong and profitable.

He simply and plainly cannot afford anything else, as the supreme judges at Wall Street await any signal to start their unshakable verdicts.

The move will be strategic and profound, stormy and problematic, not an easy pill to swallow for a pharmacist though.

Silence and prudence for the moment in the pharmacist’s camp, but swift and planned, slithering and promising, the strike will come.

Too much hardware in the warehouse… some software and programming would not do any harm…