Monday, 11 October 2010

The shadow of doubt


It seems that a columnist from NYT has added some fuel to the war between the titans…

And though it is not the first one the same journalist writes after more or less similar thesis, this time he has provoked some reaction from the HP biggies.

None less than the incoming non executive Chairman of the Board himself.

In a polite and educated letter to NYT, Ray Lane replies back to the author in a double-pronged manner:

In one hand, he pleads “not-guilty” for his CEO.

On the other, he drives attention to the sacking of HP’s former CEO, in an attempt to settle for once and for ever the reasons for that. He actually sides with his new board colleagues and endorses the ousting.

It could be somehow imaginable that sooner or later there could be articles in the press like this one. As a matter of fact, this is not the first one, and probably won’t be the latest…. but this one has provoked a formal reply from the highest HP figure so far. Personally.

What makes us think that the author of the NYT column has touched HP in an extremely sensitive aspect, in an extremely sensitive way, and in an extremely sensitive moment.

Assuming that a Chairman of the Board of a company such as HP does not have the time to answer like he’s done all the opinions which are spreading so rapidly throughout the internet, why has he backfired so quickly?

The shadow of doubt will surely float around, we suppose.

One thing under any reasonable doubt is certain though: There is a trial going on, and Léo Apotheker is going to be called as a witness, according to WSJ.

We will see in a few weeks how this story keeps going, but we could expect Big-Mouth Larry becoming growingly excited about the prospects of embarrassing HP…